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Residential Pest Control Services

Residential Pest Control


From ants to roaches to rodents looking for nesting sites, pest problems are a fact of life in the south. Anderson Pest Control prides itself in being a one-stop company for all of your pest and nuisance animal control problems. Our technicians are carefully trained to identify and handle all of your pest control needs, inside or out!

  • Roaches, Ants, & Spiders
  • Earwigs & Silverfish
  • Mice & Rats

Anderson Pest Control offers monthly and quarterly residential pest control services. Our service begins with a thorough inspection of your residence both inside and around the perimeter of your home. We then develop a proper treatment plan designed to control roaches, ants, spiders, and other occasional invaders such as earwigs and silverfish.

Fire Ant Control

Don’t let fire ants keep you from enjoying your outdoor areas!

As you are aware, fire ants are an extreme problem in the south. A single fire ant queen can lay up to 1600 eggs PER DAY! Fire ants can damage the root system of plants and grass causing costly damage to your yard and landscaping. A mature fire ant colony may contain over 250,000 ants. Fire ant mounds in the yard are unsightly and will spread within a few months if there is no effort to eliminate them. The mounds must be treated properly or the mound disturbance will likely cause the colony to split into two or more mounds.

Anderson Pest Control’s certified technicians will treat your entire yard and GUARANTEE NO ANTS FOR ONE YEAR!

Rodent Control

How do I get rid of mice in my house?

Rodents enter a house for a variety of reasons. Foraging for food or water or looking for nesting sites, rodents can bring unwanted insects into your home such as fleas and ticks along with various dangerous diseases. Anderson Pest Control employs several different methods to eradicate these vermin from your home.

First, our technician will inspect and determine the type of rodent that has chosen to invade your home. Whether we are controlling the “Norway” or “Roof” rat, or the common house mouse, our trained technicians will employ the most effective method for the job.

Anderson Pest Control is a local North Louisiana Pest Control service.Because we are a local company we are not burdened by marketing campaigns from some national headquarters and so we are better able to customize a treatment schedule to suit your individual needs. Give us a call today at (318)644-5610 to setup an appointment now.